What is a good Mortgage Rate and how do the Interest Rates fluctuate?

Most people think their home is the biggest purchase they will ever make, but in actuality, their mortgage is the biggest purchase they will make. Over it’s term, you will probably pay more on the interest than you paid for your house. Saving a few fractions of a point on your interest rate can save you thousands on your mortgage.

Mortgage interest rates have fluctuated greatly the past 20 years. As a general rule, when the economy is heating up and stock prices are rising, interest rates tend to follow upward. In turn, as the economy cools off, interest rates tend to drop. Today, rates are much lower than they were in the mid-1980’s and 90’s. Most financial experts are predicting a rise in interest rates within the next year or two.

By faizal kara | October 06th 2015
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