Investment Properties

Put your Vancouver money to work for you in an investment property.

Take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates and rising real estate prices. Today’s market is ideal for all property types. We allow you, the investor, to enjoy the potential for increased home values, while building equity in the home each month. If you are purchasing or refinancing a single or multi-family home, detached home, townhouse or condo, Best Rates BC Mortgage can help you find the right investment property mortgage financing option.

We are able to use up to 80% direct offset on rentals to help approve you for a larger mortgage amount. We are able to structure your mortgage, to help you achieve your maximum borrowing power, in turn getting you the best possible mortgage rates.

  • Fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate investment property financing solutions.
  • Programs available for self employed borrowers and owners of numerous properties.
  • Programs for 1-4 unit properties.
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We also work with a wide variety of bad credit lenders and private lenders that offer different programs that fit almost every situation, even if your self employed!.

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